Doe Deere and Lime Crime for Everyone

The Lime Crime brand is the brainchild of Doe Deere. She worked very hard to make the brand a possibility and it is something that she is really proud of because of the way that it allows people to be able to do different things. When it comes to Lime Crime, Doe Deere knows that color is all about making people happy.

Doe Deere does not like plain colors. She does not like neutral color clothes, she does not like her hair in its natural state and she strongly dislikes beiges in any form for makeup, except for maybe lips. She always makes sure that she is doing the best that she can to improve the colors of different things in her wardrobe and this includes the makeup that she wears on her face. She wants her face to fit in with the rest of her ensemble and this means that she needs to make sure that she always has the brightest colors on her face.

This doesn’t just stop at red or fuschia lipstick. She knows that these can be found anywhere and that women have been wearing for centuries. No, Doe Deere wants makeup that stands out. She wants neon yellow lips, lime green eyelids and even blue blush. She wants people to make a statement with their face and she feels like color is the only way to do it. With the makeup that Lime Crime has, Doe Deere knows that she will be able to make a difference for people who have brightly-colored aspirations in their makeup routine.

It does not always make sense for people to use the brightly colored makeup that is offered by other companies. This is because the makeup is often made of low-quality ingredients and comes from faraway destinations. It can be especially difficult to get to because of this and it can be downright dangerous to use on the face. There are many things that makes most colorful makeup brands bad, but Lime Crime does not have any of these problems. The ingredients that are used are guaranteed to be safe for the use on the face of anyone who uses them- from young to old people.

Doe Deere knows what it feels like to be uncomfortable in an environment. Her love of all things bright and girly led to her not being able to have a traditional job. She tried it a lot because she wanted to work, but it was not something that she was ever successful at. Doe Deere took her unique appearance and put it to work for herself. She has been working on her own for many years and is now more successful than she ever was.

Discover The Secrets To Long Lasting Makeup Options

Doe Deere is the successful Founder and CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. Her story was published in a recent online article from Lime Crime Galore Magazine to inspire other young women that have dreams and ideas, but don’t know where to begin. Deere says it is important for you to find your niche and perfect what you’re good at to become successful. Doe agrees that you have to enjoy what you are doing. Doe Deere didn’t start with cosmetics she started as a musician and she later found the ability to create and market makeup that she is very proud of.

Lime Crime is an assortment of bold rich velvetine matte colors that are waterproof, but yet very easy to remove. Women around the world offer Youtube tutorials that help women discover new ways to mix and match, apply, and remove her cosmetics. You will love the way Lime Crime allows you to make a statement with your makeup choices. She has discovered the secret to bold vibrant colors that don’t require multiple applications throughout the day. Lime Crime cosmetics is trusted among the stars as a superior product that will hold under the camera lights and are reliable cosmetics for busy professionals.

Lime Crime is a remarkable line of lipsticks and eye shadow’s that meet the demands of most budgets. You don’t have to ever leave home because you can order their products securely over the phone or from their official website. Each product is individually wrapped in its own unique package and shipped to your door in under a week. You can get free shipping on your first order and their valuable members can get many discount and promotional offers. You will never go back to your boring dull colors again. Thousands of women around the world trust the Lime Crime name.

Deere recalls the neutral colors from the late 90’s and aspired to create her own cosmetic line that will offer exuberant colors that bring out the best in all women. You can accent your eyes and your sultry lips with their color of daring makeup. Lime Crime also has a sister company that offers their customers clothing, accessories, and shoes that match perfectly with the boldness of Lime Crime. Take the first step in being bold with your makeup choices by joining the superior Lime Crime cosmetics website for a list of exclusive products and offers.

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Great Advice from Doe Deere on Making Dreams Come True

In this article, which is a recap of the July 2015 interview with Doe Deere, the reader is offered some superb advice on how to make his or her dreams come true. The most important fact that can be taken away from this is, no matter what a person’s background is or what has transpired in their life, they can succeed in business. The “Queen of Unicorns” has done exactly that by catapulting her cosmetic brand, Lime Crime, into the forefront of the makeup industry.

Doe Deere’s Background

Born and raised in Russia until she was 17 years old, Doe Deere immigrated to New York City in the United States. After spending a lot of time there, she moved to Los Angeles, California and still resides there today. Her initial passion was to become a musician, which she did for a spell while in New York. Ms. Deere feels her stint as a musician helped her to develop her business sense and marketing skills, as well as a true appreciation for her audience.

Doe Deere’s Initial Career Was in Music

Doe Deere attributes all of the years she lived in New York City to helping her grow, both as a young adult and a businesswoman. She cut her teeth as a musician and stimulated her creativity by writing songs and by promoting her band. It was in this band that she met her husband. They found peace and harmony with each other in the process of writing songs together. He also assisted Doe with the promotion of the band. After discovering how well they worked together, they married and remain so until today.

Doe’s Advice for Young Business People

Ms. Deere believes that each person is born with one or more talents. If they follow their hearts and turn that talent into a business, they will eventually succeed. A young woman or man ought to really get to know themselves, including their strengths and weaknesses. They must be patient and persistent because success will not come overnight. They should explore every aspect of their talent and find ways to incorporate them into their business.

Never Give Up on Yourself

Do not let the negativity of other people dissuade you from pursuing your dreams. Trust in yourself and you will never go wrong. Look at Doe Deere. She did exactly that and Lime Crime is a now a household name in the cosmetics industry. You too can succeed.

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Doe Deere Continues To Rise In The Cosmetics Industry

Doe Deere has been at the forefront of the latest generation of cosmetics entrepreneurs who are changing the way we all buy our makeup. Deere has recently seen her company, Lime Crime be rewarded for a phenomenal rise with Deere herself given a place on the list of top female entrepreneurs by Self Made Magazine. The award seems to have given Doe Deere time to pause for thought as she recently discussed her personal and company history; Deere announced she was shocked and amazed to be named to the list with some of the world’s top female entrepreneurs.

The education of Doe Deere took the Russian born entrepreneur to New York where she studied fashion with the hope of starting her own clothing line, which she did via an Online marketplace. Despite selling her own designs Doe Deere had big plans for the future and wanted to keep control of the marketing of her company, which she does to this day; Deere searched the cosmetics industry for the makeup to allow her to reflect her own personality on the models she worked with. Unable to find bright colors that would match her marketing ideas, but would eventually research how best to make her own cosmetics and taught herself to become an expert in cruelty free cosmetics.

Doe Deere has seen her work become increasingly popular and has embarked upon a continued period of growth as she has become the CEO of the ever expanding Lime Crime empire; however, Deere still remains an active figure in the cosmetics industry as she looks to work each day in the Lime Crime research lab and marketing department. Deere remains an important figure in every aspect of the Lime Crime story and looks to remain so despite the rapid growth of the company.

The brand is fiercely protective of the image it portrays as Doe Deere has placed herself at the center of the marketing campaigns Online and in the press; despite rarely talking to reporters the Lime Crime CEO is active on social media platforms and through her own blog. Instagram plays an ever more important role in the work of Lime Crime as Doe Deere uses this to connect with fans in creating her own looks with Lime Crime cosmetics, and discusses the looks created by her millions of followers the Lime Crime brand uses as marketing tools.

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