Focus on DIVERSANT and John Goullet

DIVERSANT refers to a Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), which is fully certified. It is the largest firm that deals in IT staffing in the U.S. that is African-American owned. It offers a number of IT staffing solutions and other products that include direct hire, IT staff augmentation and diversity solutions that are innovative. The services and products of DIVERSANT are original and also the best methodologies that are aimed at satisfying the needs that associates and clients have and also the community at large.

The firm utilizes a consultative kind of approach to engage its clients as if they are they are their real life business partners. This is aimed at solving the critical issues that clients have instead of the firm only acting as the suppliers of simple commodities. The firm also upholds diversity as it believes that it spurs them to bigger opportunities for its partners and consultants and thus great innovative solutions are realized for the clients.

John Goullet is first of all heralded as an entrepreneur who has overseen the development of quite a number of ventures that are highly successful especially in the sector of IT. He started his professional career journey as a consultant in IT before he made the switch to the area of IT staffing back in 1994. As he was well aware of the market trends that were emerging, he was able to become the founder of Info Technologies. This refers to a company dealing in IT staffing and is keen to provide viable solutions to all the companies in the Fortune 500 nationwide.

In five years, Info Technologies had grown to the $30 M mark consequently making it claim the eighth spot on the Inc. Magazine. The list on the magazine listed the 500 privately-held firms that were the fastest-growing. In 2010, Gene and John merged DIVERSANT Inc. and Info Technologies to create DIVERSANT LLC. John Goullet, a Ursinus College graduate, is the current Principal of DIVERSANT and he is free to follow his passion of creating new avenues to deal with the challenges experienced in the IT marketplace that is ever changing.

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John Goullet and Diversant are Leading With Solutions

Eric Pulier Changed Education Forever

Eric Pulier has changed education forever by making it his mission to reach out to people who are having problems with their disabilities or injuries. There are a lot of kids out there who are struggling in school, and he started back in the 90s to see what he could do to change the lives of these kids. I was one of those kids because I had a hard time writing because of a chronic joint disorder. I had teachers telling me I might not be able to graduate like everyone else, and then Eric Pulier showed up with the technology that we started using. Basically, my whole life changed in one day, and then I was able to start getting ahead in school.

I was able to take this technology with my because Pulier made it so that I could use these same things when I got out of school. I met adults who needed these things to keep their jobs, and I met students who were using them in college. I never had a problem with writing again, and I am using a form of what Eric Pulier created back in the day. This means that all the people who were touched by the work he did were able to make changes to their lives almost instantly. I loved the way it made me feel to get the work done, and I knew that there were other people who were going to be able to make a change to their lives. I saw younger kids come into my class who could use the same technology, and Eric Pulier was meeting with us to show us what to do.

Anyone who is trying to make the most of their time in school should remember that people like Eric Pulier do exist. He is an amazing man who has been able to change my life with his technology, but I know I am not the only one. People Doing Things touched a lot of people, and I think we are all leading better lives because of Eric Pulier and his genius.

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