End Citizens United Has Made The Decision To Support Doug Jones

Doug Jones has received an endorsement from End Citizens United for the U.S. Senate. The former U.S. Attorney is running against Roy Moore for the special election in Alabama on December 12th. End Citizens United does not believe Roy Moore belongs in the U.S. Senate, due to his radical agenda. They believe his ideology conflicts with the values of both America, and Alabama. The group feels he will support the special interests of big money, providing them with political influence.

According to End Citizens United, Roy Moore has an alignment with mega-donors who have shady interests. This includes the Mercer family, and Steve Bannon. The Senate Leadership Fund is supporting Roy Moore according to the Alabama Republican’s wishes. End Citizens United further stated dark money organizations, and hate groups are propping up Roy Moore’s campaign. They believe he is a leader in repealing the Johnson Amendment, so churches can be used by political groups to funnel money into their chosen campaigns.

End Citizens United cited Roy Moore’s history of being a champion for dangerous ideas, his suspension, and removal from office for placing his personal agenda above the law, the theory the attacks on 911 were a divine punishment, and the idea the birth of President Obama was not in America. They said Doug Jones is a U.S. Attorney, brought justice to the KKK, and is trying to remove big money from politics.

End Citizens United is trying to overturn Citizens United by electing Congressional members who will pass campaign finance reforms that are meaningful, remove undisclosed, and unlimited money from politics, currently has over three million members, and was founded more than two years ago. Politics were changed due to the Supreme Court’s decision in 2010. The case in point was Citizens United vs. F.E.C., and focused on the fundamental corporations are people. This allowed the wealthy, and special interest groups to use their wealth for U.S. elections. The money is not traceable, limitless, can buy U.S. elections.

The date End Citizens United was established was March 1st, of 2015. The group fights the larger groups for political funding, to prevent them from using their money to ensure elections go the way they choose. End Citizens United feels these groups have ulterior motives. End Citizens United receives their funding from grassroots donations, are trying to establish the election of pro-reform candidates, and keep politics free of big money. Since their establishment, End Citizens United has raised $2 million from small donors to support their cause. According to End Citizens United, the candidates they choose to support are champions, and willing to fight for campaign finance reform with meaning. End Citizens United will support an Independent, or Republican candidate who supports pro-reform.

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