The Enthusiastic Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage is the managing partner at the 5AM Venture management. The doctor has been in charge of the organization since the year 2004. Initially, he joined the management as a partner a year before he was made the managing partner. Rocklage has served as an executive of the Epirus Biopharmaceuticals company since the year 2016. The doctor has served as an executive at the Amersham health company.



Rocklage has an experience of over 30 years of healthcare experience with strategic leadership in many sectors. Scott was further appointed by the FDN and has managed to put to trial a number of drug suspects. Rocklage has served on various boards as the chairman including the Relypsa. He studied chemistry at the University of California and further studied Ph.D. from the Institute of Technology in Massachusetts.



Scott has invented over 30 patents from the US and reviewed various publications at his office. Doctor Scott’s office is located in Boston. The doctor has worked with various entrepreneurs to help transform their ideas into meaningful work. The doctor is well organized at his work and he has set his priorities right when dealing with his work.



Scott advises other younger entrepreneurs to be brave when undertaking risks. Scott Rocklage affirms that individuals work best under their own firms however small they are rather than the fast -growing and renowned firms. The scientific background that Scott Rocklage Holds, has helped him to transform into a reliable individual at his company.



Scott Rocklage has managed to conduct a research in the laboratory belonging to Richard Schrock, a scientist who had won the Nobel Prize for his astounding performance in the field of chemistry. Scott has written more than 100 books which have been published and the review has been done his peers.



The 5 AM Ventures has been instrumental in conducting researches among the new generation. The company has been able to solve needs revolving around the health care. The 5AM Ventures constrains a strong legal team that is business oriented and works on scientific grounds. The background revolving the companies provides a strong scientific network which the companies can manage. The company assumes roles such as serving and managing a business. Learn more: