So Many Choices!!!!!

As I am standing in the beauty aisle at my favorite store, I’m mesmerized by a sea of flavors of my favorite lip balm Evolution of Smooth. Every flavor I could ever imagine from a simple vanilla bean, to any fruit flavor imaginable, to sweet mint. All of these wonderful flavors in a unique sphere that packs a massive amount of moisturizers.

Nothing softens my lips like Evolution of Smooth. With a magical combination of hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested ingredients such as vitamin E, Shea butter, and jojoba oil, my lips have never felt better. In addition to a variety of flavors, EOS lip balm provides multiple lines of lip balm. First and foremost is the organic smooth sphere made with all organic materials. Then the visibly smooth spheres with additional moisturizers. For those looking for a little shimmer, there is a shimmer smooth sphere. Lastly, if you need a little extra protection, the active protection smooth sphere is there for you.

Regardless of which line of evolution of smooth you choose, one thing is for sure, you will find a flavor that makes you happy. My personal favorite is the visibly soft vanilla mint; however, the blackberry nectar runs a close second. Regardless of what flavor you go for, evolution of smooth will not disappoint.

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EOS and ChapStick Go Into Battle and Fast Company Documents All of It

There are no executives challenging other executives to a battle. There is no showdown at noon. In fact, there is no official documentation that ChapStick is battling with the Evolution of Smooth, but the competition between these two companies is rather obvious. There is a shift in what the new generation of lip balm customers are interested in buying. Flavorful lip chap is what people are getting into now, and the Evolution of Smooth is the new hot thing.

The last time ChapStick may have been used by celebrities on television was in the eighties on Saturday Night Live. The new EOS lip balm products, by contrast, have been used by Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Hudson. There are women that are obviously going to reach a totally different crowd. It is obvious that this company is growing in a way that few people expected. It was a surprise, and Fast Company is tracking this surprising growth.

There are estimates that a million units of this lip balm are purchased on eBay weekly. This is epic growth for a company that is so new. It shows that the growth of this company is something that cannot be denied. Most people that have never purchased lip balm products may not understand this. Consumers that use lip balm products on a regular basis can see how this company has risen to the top. Some companies like the sphere shaped containers for this lip balm. Others enjoy fruity flavors that have become associated with the Evolution of Smooth lip balm.

The marketing that this company has done marks the beginning of a battle that is sure to last for years to come. It may be a battle of the sexes in the end. Men may prefer bland ChapStick containers, but women love EOS spheres. Visit for more info.