Securus Technologies to Help Clients Cut back on Money and Time Expenses

The Dallas-based Securus Technologies is an innovative technology company offering correctional facilities with forward-looking solutions. These include telecommunication services, safety to the public, investigation services, surveillance and platform for scrutinizing corruption within the prison systems. The renowned company is celebrated in the whole nation and has the main objective of providing cutting-edge products to their clients. The incarcerated often need to phone their loved ones and thus need the services of Securus Technologies to attend to these requirements, saving both time and money.

The aspect of time-saving comes into play in the process of collecting, reviewing and filing the complaints of the inmates. In addition to that, there are also circulars that need to go through all the inmates, that the officers find such a hard time distributing. Securus has therefore come up with a fantastic application that digitizes this whole process.

The ConnectUs Inmate Forms among other forms is one of the policies of Securus that plays a paramount role in automation. That results in the processing of averagely 14 forms a month. Hence, the spared time enables the correctional officers to shift their full focus to safety and security of those behind bars. Securus has also developed a self-service prisoner platform that involves direct access to the inmates’ grievances forms. The digitization process of documents has helped most holding facilities in the nation save on paper costs. Through ConnectUs, those in prison can access various features online and at the same time, the officials can govern the access to manage flow of information within the facility.

Apparently, Securus Technologies are bent on bettering life in the prisons with their amazing innovations. It extends its application to up to 3450 facilities in the US hence impacting on millions of inmates’ lives. Further information about the advanced Securus can be found here.

Why Is Securus Such A Good Option For Families?

I knew that Securus would be the best choice for our family because we have more than one person we need to talk to in jail. I got a lot of good results from the app because I downloaded it as soon as I discovered it from PR Newswire, and I set up an account that let me pick all the people that I wanted to. I pick out the person that I want to talk to, and I pick out the jail where they are. The two get put together, and then I get a video feed that is perfect for me.

I have been able to have more than one video call using this system, and it has really helped me to keep in touch with family and friends. It is so much easier for people to talk to their loved ones, and I have been showing other people why they need to use Securus. Securus America has been amazing because it is a place where anyone can get in touch with anyone else. I know a few people who have downloaded it while I am talking to them, and then they have told me that they were able to make a call the very next day.

Connecting people is the goal at Securus, and I am really happy with the way that it works. I did not have to fuss over it at all, and I did not have to worry about the fact that I have more than one person to talk to. The fact according to PR Newswire is that I have been able to keep the family together, and I have also been able to share with the elders in the family how this app works. They all have it on their phones, and now they are all checking in with out incarcerated loved ones.

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