Bold Empowerment for Women Through Makeup; Doe Deere

In 2008 Lime Crime Cosmetics was released to the public with the founder and CEO, Doe Deere, inspiring the world with a whole new outlook on makeup.

Doe Deere was originally born in Russia but raised in New York City. Lime Crime Cosmetics didn’t start as a childhood dream or even as an adult dream. In 2004, Doe Deere launched her Ebay DIY fashion line “Lime Crime”. Yet she quickly found that it was difficult to find vibrant makeup to match with her zesty outfits. This was the start of what would eventually would become Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Doe Deere will be the first to admit that her cosmetic line isn’t about having a flawless and natural looking face, rather her cosmetics are bold and fun. Her desire is for her makeup line to bring freedom of expression to each individual person. She is personally involved in the company and spends a good part of her day in meets to make sure that the team is on the same page. She also spends part of her day in the lab, alongside the chemists, developing new cosmetics. In fact, it is Deere who is the first to test out new products as she says that she must “live it and feel it before anything goes to production”. Her product is unique because she, as the CEO, is so personally connected to every cosmetic that is sold.

In addition to being a fun, bold, and daring cosmetic line, Lime Crime is 100% cruelty free. None of Lime Crime cosmetics are tested on animals and it is also 100% vegan, meaning that no animal products are used in the cosmetics. In addition to being an advocate for animals, Doe is a huge supporter of businesses owned by women. She seeks to inspire women entrepreneurs and gives advice to women entrepreneurs on social media.
Doe’s company is unique because it is mainly web based. This was a risky move for Doe and many felt that her business would never be prosperous because women wouldn’t buy cosmetics they couldn’t see in person. Doe quickly remedied this problem by using actual lip swatches rather than paper swatches. The buyer could now get an idea of how the lipstick would look for themselves by seeing how it looked at other women.

In short, Doe Deere has created a cosmetic line that empowers women to be who they are while having fun, as well as encouraging women to step into the business world with confidence. Her company strives to be uplifting in every area and to make sure that the buyers, employees, and animals are respected. Doe Deere’s life gives credibility to her business and inspiration to the world.

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Doe Deere To Fans: Don’t Quit Your Daydream

Doe Deere and her Lime Crime makeup company have exploded on to the scene, quietly building a cult brand. Surrounded by giant cosmetics companies, the young businesswoman ignored the traditional concepts of beauty and branched out into, edgy, modern makeup full of bright, delicious color.

As a young girl growing up in Russia, and later New York City, Doe Deere never lost her curiosity about life and her rich world of fantasy. She loved unicorns and anything whimsical and free, and that’s how she has developed her Lime Crime makeup brand.

Traditional makeup offers safe cosmetics colors like beiges with an occasional bold hue like red or fuchsia, but not much else. That’s why Doe Deere decided to start her own makeup company in 2008, because she desired bright, happy cosmetics, and she could barely find them in the big city of New York.

Doe Deere is proud of being internet savvy, as she has reached out to fans on a global basis. She enjoys having an online Lime Crime store and interactive presence, because those who buy her makeup enjoy sharing their photos. In fact, Lime Crime has exceeded two million followers on Instagram.

Doe Deere’s advice to young women and men hoping to start their own business is rather simple. “Don’t quit your daydream.” She believes that all people have been blessed with special gifts and should refine their talents, even when others believe they might fail.

Lime Crime’s Velvetines lipsticks have attained a huge following and popped up at photo shoots with Nicki Minaj and on the red carpet with Taryn Manning and Garcelle Beauvais. These liquid-to-matte lipsticks are amazing creations. They glide on like silk and dry soft to the touch like velvet but are not drying or uncomfortable to wear. Plus, the colors are to die for, including blue, green, blood red, grey beige, green olive, brick red, cement grey and others.

Lime Crime’s Perlees are newer matte metallic lipsticks that feature a bold and beautiful impact to whomever puts them on. Shades with names like Denim, Penny and Asphalt are must-sees and must-haves in one’s lipstick arsenal.

Doe Deere finds her makeup to be empowering to both young women and men. The palettes are unique, untraditional and made with a wonderful opacity. The Grunge eye shadow kits have already achieved cult status with colors like reds and rusts, now being seen on fashion runways.

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