Fabletics Setting New Standards in its Industry

Fabletics is an athleisure company selling primarily online. Since 2013, the brand has managed to set a new standard for other brands as fabletics is viewed as the business that empowers men to be the best version of themselves.


The brand is a subsidiary of TechStyle Fashion Group which was founded by business partners Mr. A. Goldenberg and Mr. D. Ressler. They recruited actress Kate Hudson as the face and voice of the new brand. Currently, Kate Hudson is the central presence of the brand as she has dedicated most of her time to Fabletics. After three and a half years in business, Fabletics has grown into a company worth at least $250 million, and it continues to grow in success.


The success of the Fabletics brand lies in many places, but it all started with what they deliver to the public. Fabletics was one of the first businesses to make athletic wear for women available on a wider scale. Previously, going for a workout meant wearing low-quality tracksuits that were ill-fitted and overpriced for what they delivered, according to most. Fabletics aimed to provide the exact opposite of those products but at an affordable price.


Fabletics started out slow even though the brand is booming these days. The launch, for instance, had to be delayed with six months because the quality of the inventory Fabletics had ordered turned out to be under their desired standards. Kate Hudson herself as also a subject of criticism as other celebrities and social media influencers claimed that the membership model of the brand was scammy.


Fabletics’membership model, however, is excatly what has allowed the brand to deliver as promised to their customers. The VIP membership of Fabletics asks the new members to fill out the Lifestyle Quiz which asks about measurements, preferences, and personal lifestyle of the new member. While some have criticised that the quiz is too long, other realize how much attention the brand pays to the individuality of each of their clients.


Fabletics has achieved a lot since it was launched. Currently, it is among the most proficient retail brands in terms of client data collection. The web site gathers information about the client and collects data about where the click, how long they stay on age and how long it takes them to make a purchase, among many other points of data.


Another achievement for the brand is the swift way in which it has been leveraging the crowd. Consumers look to other people who have purchased from the brand to share information about their experience and the products. Retailers and other sites are now widely using a review section which allows god experiences to serve as selling points.


Over the past few years, Fabletics has been at the forefront of its work. The company is coming out with new products as well. Recently the brand started selling footwear and are planning to expand the line gradually. Fabletics has also been partnering with causes such as foundations raising awareness of breast cancer, and many others.

Fashion And Technology Relying On Each Other

Our world of technology keeps growing and growing to the point it seems it will never stop. We started out making calculators that were the sizes of rooms and now we have moved on towards our cell phones that have the same thing embedded in them on top of their other numerous functions. These kinds of leaps in technology have also been partnered with fashion. Take for instance the iPod, something that was spurred all the way back by the boom box and the idea of personal music. It soon became unfashionable to walk around with a large speaker everywhere (as well as inconvenient) so technology companies started to upgrade the idea into a personal music player that evolved into the iPod and MP3.

Chris Burch knows first hand that there are other spaces where technology and fashion have been able to meld together in the world. For example, we have been able to find numerous ways to capture movement and be able to turn it into viable energy. Many fashion companies have been taking this technology and trying to implement it into their products, like watches with a rechargeable battery and shoes that can charge your phone. Along with these new ideas, there have also been advancements in the clothing technology itself, allowing it to deal with weather differently and also helping to adjust your body temperature.

The reason that these two fields are so closely tied together is that they need each other to grow in a direction that the public will find enticing. It is a mutualistic relationship because as technology grows some people may not catch on to it right away due to its downsides. Take the earlier example with the boom box, the device would not have gained so much traction if it were not a social fashion item at the time. The same can even be seen today with the new Google glasses. Some non-glasses wearers do not like the idea of wearing glasses due to the fashion stigmas surrounding them, but when models started wearing them on the runway these ideas started to change. Through these acts, the fashion market was able to gain more products to market and the technology sector gained better customer loyalty. These relationships between technology and fashion will continue to grow and create amazing things together in these ways.

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