Fabletics Setting New Standards in its Industry

Fabletics is an athleisure company selling primarily online. Since 2013, the brand has managed to set a new standard for other brands as fabletics is viewed as the business that empowers men to be the best version of themselves.


The brand is a subsidiary of TechStyle Fashion Group which was founded by business partners Mr. A. Goldenberg and Mr. D. Ressler. They recruited actress Kate Hudson as the face and voice of the new brand. Currently, Kate Hudson is the central presence of the brand as she has dedicated most of her time to Fabletics. After three and a half years in business, Fabletics has grown into a company worth at least $250 million, and it continues to grow in success.


The success of the Fabletics brand lies in many places, but it all started with what they deliver to the public. Fabletics was one of the first businesses to make athletic wear for women available on a wider scale. Previously, going for a workout meant wearing low-quality tracksuits that were ill-fitted and overpriced for what they delivered, according to most. Fabletics aimed to provide the exact opposite of those products but at an affordable price.


Fabletics started out slow even though the brand is booming these days. The launch, for instance, had to be delayed with six months because the quality of the inventory Fabletics had ordered turned out to be under their desired standards. Kate Hudson herself as also a subject of criticism as other celebrities and social media influencers claimed that the membership model of the brand was scammy.


Fabletics’membership model, however, is excatly what has allowed the brand to deliver as promised to their customers. The VIP membership of Fabletics asks the new members to fill out the Lifestyle Quiz which asks about measurements, preferences, and personal lifestyle of the new member. While some have criticised that the quiz is too long, other realize how much attention the brand pays to the individuality of each of their clients.


Fabletics has achieved a lot since it was launched. Currently, it is among the most proficient retail brands in terms of client data collection. The web site gathers information about the client and collects data about where the click, how long they stay on age and how long it takes them to make a purchase, among many other points of data.


Another achievement for the brand is the swift way in which it has been leveraging the crowd. Consumers look to other people who have purchased from the brand to share information about their experience and the products. Retailers and other sites are now widely using a review section which allows god experiences to serve as selling points.


Over the past few years, Fabletics has been at the forefront of its work. The company is coming out with new products as well. Recently the brand started selling footwear and are planning to expand the line gradually. Fabletics has also been partnering with causes such as foundations raising awareness of breast cancer, and many others.

Lip Balms That Actually Heal: Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm Line

With healthy lips being a necessity, many turn to lip balm products to solve their chapped lips problems. However, many of these sparkly, tinted, and gleaming products only work like lipstick. Rather than nourishing one’s lips, they instead cover the problem area temporarily, sometimes ever making it worse. Other products, such as Evolution of Smooth’s lip balm line, fulfill their purpose of ridding chapped lips.

When purchasing lip balms from EOS, one can be assured their lips will be both moisturized and softened. Products such as these work hard at keeping user’s lips healthy without tasting like medicine. Instead, these lip balms come in a range of tropical flavors that smell delightful. In addition, they are assured to be free of gluten and other possible toxins.

While lip balms are a necessity, at times some products can appear to feminine for men and too childish for women. Evolution of Smooth, instead, creates their products in a mature unisex fashion. Their products also work well for both genders since they dress lips in a light Shea butter gleam, rather than in sparkles and tints.
Opposed to other makeup related products, lip balms are a time constant due to their healing nature. While varying shades of lipstick and eye shadow will come in and out of style, lip balms are always considered a must. The products work well to keep lips looking clean, professional, and healthy, which is difficult to say no to.

So, when searching on Amazon for your beauty line, it is important to take time to look over the lip balm section. While some products may offer gender and age dominant features, Evolution of Smooth’s products can assure users of smooth and healthy lips. No matter what the decision, lip balm should be on your Target’s shopping list.

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Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere Is Recognized As Female Entrepreneur Of The Year

If you want to make a bold statement with vibrant colors you’re looking for the Lime Crime cosmetic line. Their array of beautiful colors provide easy transitioning from a day to night look. Ironically, Lime Crime is popular among celebrities because it shows up very well on the camera. Their line of products is waterproof and won’t smudge off during the day. Most women appreciate the fact that they only have to spruce up their makeup a few times a day rather than several times a day. Visit the exclusive Lime Crime website for more details.

Racked magazine has recently acknowledged Founder and CEO Doe Deere as female entrepreneur of the year for her Lime Crime cosmetics line. More importantly, you can find wonderful clothing and accessories that blend well with their colors. Canadian and UK customers can get free shipping right to their door with Lime Crime products. Each product is individually packaged in a fun and quirky design that will let you distinguish their line from other makeup products. Lime Crime was brought to you by a unique makeup idea from its Founder Doe Deere.

Deere can recall trying on her mother’s makeup and clothing as a child and just not finding the look that she was after. From that very moment she decided that she would build her own product line of cosmetics. Deere wanted her line to be bold and appeal to professional women that want to take a daring step with their makeup. She encourages her users to be bold and take chances with your attire and the color that you choose. Lime Crime has a rich collection of velvetines matte products that work well on any skin tone. In fact, you don’t have to be in the dark about what colors work best for you because each model on their website comes in light, medium, and dark tones to give you insight on what the color will actually look like on you. Visit their website for details.  Be sure to check them out on Tumblr, and get involved in the conversation on Twitter by using hashtag #LimeCrime.

Shea Butter – For All Your Skincare Needs

Something you may not know about Shea butter is that it is the fat from the nut of the Shea tree in Africa. This fat is often off-white or ivory-colored and has been used for years for many purposes. Applying Shea butter to dry areas of your skin can leave your skin moisturized all day. Shea butter is a favorite of pregnant women as it helps to minimize stretch marks. It can also be used to help minimize scars. Often used as a base for lotions and lip balms, there are endless things you can do with Shea butter. Some even use it as a food product.

Naa-Sakle Akuete founded EuGenia Shea which is a company she named after her own mother who realized that everyone should have access to Shea butter. EuGenia was born to a midwife who was lovingly called Grandma Sunshine. Grandma Sunshine used Shea butter in its raw and unrefined state for many years in her practice. By the year 2000, EuGenia Shea was making great use of this and with the help of hundreds of farmers whom many were mothers themselves she created a business allowing this product to be shared at a greater level.

Naa-Sakle then made the business what it is today by providing EuGenia Shea to millions of people. You now have the ability to purchase this great product online. It is packaged beautifully in a variety of colored tins of your choice along with many different fragrances to choose from. You can give this as a gift to friends or family and also choose to order some for yourself. Rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, EuGenia Shea offers all of the great benefits that Shea butter gives but comes in a pretty package.

Arguably, you may have seen Lime Crime products before on Instagram being used by Doe Deere. Deere is among the few ladies who are young and into entrepreneurship. However, this was not an easy path she said during an interview.

History of the Company
The company began in 2004, back in the days where there were very few upcoming brands online. During that time, Deere was opening her store on Ebay and had to come up with a catchy name. At that moment, the only name that popped in her head was Lime Crime and this immediately became the name of her company.

This name stuck in her mind because it reminded her of her favorite color which is bright green. In addition, it brought a sense of going beyond the limits and not being afraid of trying out different colors. However, at first the worry was people wouldn’t accept such a name but with time the brand grew and currently has millions of people searching the company online.

Growth of the Company
Deere wanted a company that was internet-based which was actually the reason why she was opening an Ebay store. Back in 2004, there were fewer challenges online but the biggest of them all was advertising and getting people to visit your online store and buy products. This was as a result of having few online stores online.


Product Line
Lime Crime deals with makeup and is among the few upcoming brands that have maintained this all along. As mentioned earlier, Deere believes in trying out different colors and not being in a safe zone where one is limited to but a few colors. The whole experience began when she was nine years old wanting to attend a party. In an interview she said that was the best time in her life.  Follow them for yourself on Twitter, or the Lime Crime Tumblr page.

Doe Deere To Fans: Don’t Quit Your Daydream

Doe Deere and her Lime Crime makeup company have exploded on to the scene, quietly building a cult brand. Surrounded by giant cosmetics companies, the young businesswoman ignored the traditional concepts of beauty and branched out into, edgy, modern makeup full of bright, delicious color.

As a young girl growing up in Russia, and later New York City, Doe Deere never lost her curiosity about life and her rich world of fantasy. She loved unicorns and anything whimsical and free, and that’s how she has developed her Lime Crime makeup brand.

Traditional makeup offers safe cosmetics colors like beiges with an occasional bold hue like red or fuchsia, but not much else. That’s why Doe Deere decided to start her own makeup company in 2008, because she desired bright, happy cosmetics, and she could barely find them in the big city of New York.

Doe Deere is proud of being internet savvy, as she has reached out to fans on a global basis. She enjoys having an online Lime Crime store and interactive presence, because those who buy her makeup enjoy sharing their photos. In fact, Lime Crime has exceeded two million followers on Instagram.

Doe Deere’s advice to young women and men hoping to start their own business is rather simple. “Don’t quit your daydream.” She believes that all people have been blessed with special gifts and should refine their talents, even when others believe they might fail.

Lime Crime’s Velvetines lipsticks have attained a huge following and popped up at photo shoots with Nicki Minaj and on the red carpet with Taryn Manning and Garcelle Beauvais. These liquid-to-matte lipsticks are amazing creations. They glide on like silk and dry soft to the touch like velvet but are not drying or uncomfortable to wear. Plus, the colors are to die for, including blue, green, blood red, grey beige, green olive, brick red, cement grey and others.

Lime Crime’s Perlees are newer matte metallic lipsticks that feature a bold and beautiful impact to whomever puts them on. Shades with names like Denim, Penny and Asphalt are must-sees and must-haves in one’s lipstick arsenal.

Doe Deere finds her makeup to be empowering to both young women and men. The palettes are unique, untraditional and made with a wonderful opacity. The Grunge eye shadow kits have already achieved cult status with colors like reds and rusts, now being seen on fashion runways.

Follow Doe Deere on twitter and Facebook for more updates.