George Soros And Major Democratic Donors Meet To Discuss 2016 Election Results

The post mortem over the 2016 U.S. Presidential election results and those for the U.S. Congress on has begun for the Democrats as some of the top party officials and major donors to the party made their way to Washington D.C. for a three day meeting that could lead to major changes in the party. Members of the Democracy Alliance group that regularly meets to discuss strategy and the latest political events will come together to decide how to move forward following the election of President Elect Donald Trump over the front runner Hillary Clinton.

One of the major changes made to the planned schedule for the Democracy Alliance meeting on the morning after the election was the addition of a conversation with George Soros segment to the third and final day of the event; Soros has recently returned to major political giving with the Democrats after spending much of the 2012 election cycle away from the public glare of the U.S. Presidential election. After stepping away from the U.S. political scene following the 2008 election victory of President Barrack Obama Soros has recently returned to center stage with a bang. The hedge fund billionaire, George Soros, was active on the campaign trail in support of Democratic candidates and made headlines when he stated Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were doing the work of ISIS.

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George Soros is not the only major figure from the Democrats to make an appearance at the Democracy Alliance event, which will also see appearances by Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, and many major union figures on The inclusion of an appearance by George Soros is bound to raise the level of interest in the event as the Hungarian born financial expert included his time spent living under Nazi and Communist rule in his native Hungary as he prepared to discuss how best to battle the agenda for Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office. The life story of George Soros has seen the man credited with breaking the Bank of England in the 1990s escape the Holocaust of World War II before embarking on a refugee journey to London and New York to begin his successful career in finance.