Overview of Kenneth Goodgame’s Career

For professionals in the sales and marketing profession, working in any practical industry, finding an individual to role model after is very beneficial. One individual that has had a very long and successful career working for a variety of major corporations in Kenneth Goodgame.

Kenneth Goodgame is an alumni of the University of Tennessee, where he received a bachelors degree in marketing. After completing his undergraduate coursework and receiving his degree, he quickly landed a job in Atlanta working for the Home Depot Corporation, one of the largest consumer goods chains in the world. In 1995 he received his first job at the company and quickly went up the corporate ladder. Goodgame working a variety of sales, marketing, and management roles, which showed his ability to continue to succeed and beat expectations.

After working at Home Depot for nearly 9 years, he received a very unique opportunity to move to Huntersville, NC to work for the Rubber Maid Corporation. While going through several corporate mergers and acquisitions, he continued to act as a senior vice president and general manager for the company and prove that he could be successful in many different roles.

After spending a few years at Rubber Maid and related companies, he ultimately gained the attention of the True Value Corporation. Originally, he came into the company working as the General Merchandising Manager, but was able to again climb the corporate ladder. By the year 2013, he became the Chief Marking Officer for the entire organization and oversaw several successful transitions and program implementations.

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How Info Technologies and Diversant Became a Powerhouse in IT Staffing

IT staffing has become more important over the last eight years, and Diversant is the growing evidence of this. Principal John Goullet made it clear when he merged Info Technologies and Diversant into Diversant LLC, that he was still focused on growing a company into millions of dollars that was already doing well. Goullet was simply looking for ways to continue to make it better as well as to grow the bottom line.

Prior to Diversant, Goullet was able to grow Info Technologies into the millions of dollars very quickly. Goullet’s focus was to understand the corporate climate as well as how to solve problems for companies looking to outsource to meet their needs. When the economy began to change IT outsourcing went up, and companies both large and small needed to fill in the gap for IT. The desire to solve problems for his clients through better IT staffing drove Goullet to provide not only the solution for IT, but also to ensure that diversity was known in the workplace.

Diversant is the name behind an IT staffing company that not only aids in IT, but they also encourage diversity in the workplace. Solving problems is what firms like Diversant do for other businesses, but with MBE programs there is a lot more at stake for Goullet. These Minority-Owned Business programs (MBE), make it possible for minorities to grow their business while they have access to the best funding as well as to get the mentoring they need to excel in their market.

John Goullet, the Principal of Diversant is responsible for promoting these programs in Diversant, and continuing to grow the company financially as well. It is through Goullet’s hard work and commitment to excellence and the vision for diversity that he has been able to rise to the challenge of what the modern day business presents.

Talk Fusion: Every Day is Better Than the Next

In my view, there are two types of people in this world. There are those people who do as they are told and they never question authority. Then there are those who ask questions, raise eyebrows, and make a difference in the world. They aren’t just robots and they don’t just follow orders blindly without ever questioning why they are doing something or the purpose of it. Personally, I understand where the first group of people come in, as maybe they were taught to not rock the boat or cause any rancor. They were told to do as you are told, respect your bosses, and never, ever under any circumstances question authority. When something is put in your head as a child, oftentimes, it sticks with you and it can be hard to shake it.

However, as far as the second group, some people might call them difficult, hard to please, or they are hard-headed. I don’t believe that and I don’t like that one bit. Just because you have a voice and an opinion, it doesn’t mean that you are are hard to work with. In fact, it is just the opposite. You have great ideas, big ideas, and you want to share them with the world and you don’t want to keep them covered up from the rest of the world. You want the world to see them, know them, love them, and see what you have to offer.

In my view, that is the way to live life, although I don’t like to judge others who might want to live their life a different way. I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way. It is about what makes you happy. Talk Fusion with its video conferences, video chat, and video emails, makes a lot of people. That makes Bob Reina happy, knowing he is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. He has put a lot of time and effort into making this product come to life and it has really put the people in the second category in a place of pure happiness and joy.

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I Got To Know Eric Pulier At Our School

I got to know Eric Pulier at our school when he showed up with the new technology that was supposed to help kids in special ed. I did not teach the special ed class, but I had some special ed kids in my classes that were really getting help from Eric Pulier just because of the simple devices he created. I know that this might seem like a small thing, but it was something that I thought was helping all our kids. I knew that I would be able to get these kids to do more, and they would not feel put upon anymore.

The kids that I saw using the technology from Eric Pulier every day in class, and I knew that it was helping them get better grades. We did not have all the technology that teachers have today, but we did have a chance to help kids who were really in need of help. These kids got to have a chance to change their lives, and these kids were going to be in a place where they could go to college.

I met Eric Pulier, and I decided to follow his career because I thought he was an impressive person. I know that some people think that all special ed kids are getting what they need, but they are not. The only way that they can get help is through people like Eric Pulier.

It is a very simple process for kids to get out of school now that they are using adaptive technology, and Pulier was the first. I thought he was a good guy to step away from his regular career to help our kids, and I saw that his stuff really did work. The technology that helps kids learn has a lot of applications, and Eric Pulier proved that.

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John Goullet Promotes Workplace Diversity At Diversant, LLC

John Goullet has worked in information technology throughout his career. In 1994 John Goullet’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to become the founder of IT staffing company Info Technologies, Inc. Thanks to John’s leadership and a clientele that included Fortune 500 companies, Info Technologies quickly became one of the top staffing companies in the country. In five short years, the company’s value grew to more than 30 million dollars. making it one of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

John Goullet’s life took a new direction when he and Gene C. Waddy owner and CEO of IT staffing company Diversant, Inc. realized the tremendous upside potential of merging their respective companies. The companies merged to form Diversant, LLC in 2010. John Goullet stayed on as a key member of new company’s executive team. As principal and chairman at Diversant John Goullet continues to use his expertise to contribute to the company’s success.

Diversant, LLC has the distinction of being the largest African-American owned IT staffing company in the United States. As a fully-certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Diversant feels that their company is uniquely suited to provide clients with a diverse but highly qualified pool of IT specialists and consultants. The staff at Diversant are experts at matching the right worker with the right company. They accomplish this by understanding and correctly evaluating the needs and expectations of both the client and the potential employee.

Diversant, LLC provides staffing services for companies from a variety of business sectors as well as government agencies. Healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and retail are just a few of the industries that the company serves. Clients range from mid-size businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Large company or small the goal at Diversant is to provide every client with excellent staffing service.

The management at Diversant believes in diversity in the workplace. To that end, Diversant has programs that train minorities and veterans for rewarding careers in information technology. The forward-thinking executive team of Gene Waddy and John Goullet are proud to lead such a socially conscious company into the future.

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Highland Capital Joins Dallas Foundation to Manage Charities

James Dondero, Highland Capital co-founder, teams up with a Dallas civic leader to help the community gain direction in their charitable works and help the asset firm’s philanthropy gain more direction. Linda Owen, Dallas civic leader, will step into the role as the firm’s charitable giving direction while working in collaboration with the Dallas Foundation. Dondero is excited about this new role, because Owen has a proven successful record of developing private-public relationships and wanting to make a difference in the community.

Highland has a track record of donating more than 3 million to causes through the Dallas Foundation, which is the organization associated with Linda Owen. The main causes that Highland Capital focuses on are: veterans’ causes, education system, improved healthcare, and the Dallas community. Some of the very local organizations that receive donations and support are: the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Dallas Zoo, Uplift Education, and American Heart Association. Highland Capital encourages their employees to do more than giving. They are engaged in giving their time and effort to help these organizations succeed. This partnership will help to grow Highland Capital’s already large charitable givings.

James Dondero is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital, an asset firm. A graduate of University of Virginia, Dondero has over 30 years of industry experience and is currently the head of one of the largest and most successful global investment firms. The firm currently has almost 17 million in assets under management.

Highland Capital is a Dallas based firm that is registered with the SEC. It was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. They maintain offices in New York, Sao Paolo, Singapore, and Seoul. They have a varied client based from large financial institutions to high net worth individuals.

Highland Capital Joins Civic Leader for Charity

Keith Mann Is Helping Kinds In Brooklyn Get To College

Keith Mann is a very concerned citizen of New York who wants to make sure that he has given back to the community as much as possible, and the only way for him to do that is to have this new scholarship for kids in Brooklyn charter schools. BusinessWire is reporting on the scholarship, and they are showing that Keith Mann has committed his own money to help a kid who is dreaming of college.

There are a lot of kids who are going to charter schools in Brooklyn who could use the Scholarship for Professional Achievement, and they will get $5000 to go off to school and make a difference in the world. This might just be one thing that they use to pay for school, or it could be the one thing that gets them off to school. They are hearing about college all the time, but they do need a way to pay for it.

Mann is going to make it easy for these kids to apply when they are seniors, and he looks over all the applications himself. He wants to be sure that all kids have a chance to apply, and he wants them to know that they have a fair chance to get this scholarship. He wants to be able to mentor these kids, and he wants to help them get through school as best they can. There are many kids who are trying to make their way to a better place, and they will be able to help themselves when they are applying for this scholarship.

Keith runs his own search firm in New York, and he believes in giving back instead of hoarding all his money. He wants to help all the people of New York lead better lives, and he thinks that he has the best solutions to making sure people get what they need. He knows that these kids need help getting to college, and that is why he is focusing on the charter schools of Brooklyn where kids are being given a better education for a better future.

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