Bridget Scarr Opens Up on Her Downfalls and Triumphs

Bridget Scarr is a seasoned creative executive producer and a published author. For the past 15 years, Bridget’s been behind several award-winning productions. She’s credited with producing close to a dozen compelling entertainment shows, kid’s animations and drama series. Bridget’s produces mind stimulating content that has a broad-ranging audience. She’s the founder and COO of Colibri Studios.


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The veteran executive producer gets most of her inspiration from daily meditation. Bridget loves staying in the vast outdoors to reflect and re-energize her creative juices. Bridget uses the spare time, away from her renowned studio, to continue working on her epic fantasy novels. She’s a mom and her passions are reading books, enjoying good music and living, according to her official website.


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Bridget Scarr has focused all her creative energy on a unique and futuristic augmented reality pet project. Bridget envisions a software capable of transporting the users to the past in 3-dimensional holographic augmentations. The app’s users will be able to completely immerse themselves in past events and get a rare opportunity to taste history. The augmented reality project is still has a long way to go, but it will get done, according to the certified television executive, Bridget.


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According to Ideamensch, most folks end up missing out on the amazing magic of life because of doubts and unfounded fears. It’s paramount to always appreciate the fact that we’re all wonderful beings created by God. What’s more, Bridget adds, there’s nothing as powerful as being a grateful soul, always. Be eternally grateful for everything, especially, that gift of life.


Bridget Scarr endured lots of obstacles and challenges to get to the top of the producing world. She confesses to having lost nearly everything not once, but a few times in her lifetime. For instance, Bridget’s first investment was an utter disaster case. Things went awry with her business when a distraught competitor sponsored a smear social media campaign against her.


The adverse campaign dealt a fatal blow to the reputation of Bridget’s company. Her partners started fleeing and that’s when she decided to close that business down after being operational for 8 long years. Scarr was completely devastated by the unfortunate turn of events, but God’s grace was more than sufficient to see Bridget through the tough times.


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