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So Many Choices!!!!!

As I am standing in the beauty aisle at my favorite store, I’m mesmerized by a sea of flavors of my favorite lip balm Evolution of Smooth. Every flavor I could ever imagine from a simple vanilla bean, to any… Continue Reading →

Jason Halpern Continues the Family Business With JMH Development

Jason Halpern is a real estate developer that has operated JMH Development since 2010. The executive is well known in New York where he lives and works in the same building his company is currently converting. JMH Development has maintained… Continue Reading →

John Goullet – Teaching Businesses Around the World To Appreciate their Employee’s

John Goullet, CEO and Principal of Diversant LLC. Is known as being an innovator as well as being highly successful in the IT business industry. He first started his career as being an IT consultant before he began his next… Continue Reading →

Planning The Perfect Event

Planning an upcoming event? Overwhelmed at the thought of having to provide entertainment and food for lots of people? Well, it’ no surprise that you’re feeling this way. Party planning is simply not for everyone and you are not alone…. Continue Reading →

George Soros And Major Democratic Donors Meet To Discuss 2016 Election Results

The post mortem over the 2016 U.S. Presidential election results and those for the U.S. Congress on cnbc.com has begun for the Democrats as some of the top party officials and major donors to the party made their way to… Continue Reading →

EOS and ChapStick Go Into Battle and Fast Company Documents All of It

There are no executives challenging other executives to a battle. There is no showdown at noon. In fact, there is no official documentation that ChapStick is battling with the Evolution of Smooth, but the competition between these two companies is… Continue Reading →

Doe Deere and Lime Crime for Everyone

The Lime Crime brand is the brainchild of Doe Deere. She worked very hard to make the brand a possibility and it is something that she is really proud of because of the way that it allows people to be… Continue Reading →

Bold Empowerment for Women Through Makeup; Doe Deere

In 2008 Lime Crime Cosmetics was released to the public with the founder and CEO, Doe Deere, inspiring the world with a whole new outlook on makeup. Doe Deere was originally born in Russia but raised in New York City…. Continue Reading →

Discover The Secrets To Long Lasting Makeup Options

Doe Deere is the successful Founder and CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. Her story was published in a recent online article from Lime Crime Galore Magazine to inspire other young women that have dreams and ideas, but don’t know where… Continue Reading →

Great Advice from Doe Deere on Making Dreams Come True

In this article, which is a recap of the July 2015 interview with Doe Deere, the reader is offered some superb advice on how to make his or her dreams come true. The most important fact that can be taken… Continue Reading →